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The 10 Commandments of a Fully Booked Health + Wellness Practice

A waitlist of awesome new clients and patients…

People who willingly (and happily) come back over and over…

A steady stream of referrals…

Making $100,000+ every year…

Without sacrificing your sanity or working every.waking.minute.

That’s the dream, isn’t it?

To have a thriving, fully booked practice, that makes you the income you need and want, while doing good work, getting real results and living a life you love.

I get it. That’s pretty much every health + wellness practitioner’s (not to mention every small business owner’s) dream.

It was mine too. Until I made it my reality.

I’ve found that there are 10 must-haves, non-negotiables, commandments you need to live by if you want to be a successful, thriving, booked-up-with-a-waitlist kinda practitioner.

This list is a culmination of everything I’ve learned, seen and done myself over the past decade to build 5 businesses from the ground up, work with hundreds of clients, thousands of customers, health + wellness practitioners of all kinds and nearly double my income every year for the past 6 years.

Take a read through and you may find you’re living by a lot of these commandments already…and maybe there’s just a few you’re missing.




I'm Kate Matheson

Clinic owner and business coach helping you build a thriving, fully booked health + wellness practice without burning out.

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