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You’re a health + wellness practitioner who wants a thriving practice. You want a steady
flow of people…income…a reliable waitlist and a work/life balance too.
Sounds simple enough...

it can be!

But if Right Now...

  • ​You're not as booked as you want (maybe not even close) or have inconsistent bookings with some days busy and others dead 

  • You know you need to do something to get more people through your doors but feel totally lost about where to start because the “business side” isn’t your strong suit.

  • You've been trying to figure it out on your own, doing all the marketing "stuff" you’ve heard you “should” do but it's not actually leading to more clients, and you’re wondering "wtf am I doing wrong?"...

  • You are making less money than you imagined. Perhaps barely getting by and ideally, you want to do this FULL TIME (maybe quit that other job or second clinic)...

  • You're just getting started and want to avoid mistakes and build your business right the first time around (I like your style 😉

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Kate Matheson business education coach for health and wellness practitioners

Then it can feel overwhelming knowing where to start or what to do to fill your schedule and build the thriving practice you envision.


Oh do I get it.  Your schools teach you all they can about the human body...except how to actually get those bodies into your practice (and keep 'em happily coming back so you’re left unprepared for the business side of practice.


As someone who has spent over a decade studying, learning and honing my business building skills and teaching others to do the same, let me assure you: building a real genuine, FULLY BOOKED practice can be a whole lot simpler than it’s made out to be once you start putting the right pieces in place. 

So if you’re tired of patiently waiting, grinding it out or trying to figure it all out on your own, I would love to support you…because fully booked may be closer than you think.

Booked Up Blueprnt
Booked Up Blueprint course for health and wellness practitioners

Booked Up Blueprint

Stop guessing your way to fully booked

Bring in consistent bookings, shave years off your path to fully booked all while being supported by someone who has done this many times. When you do...your business (and life) can transform faster than you think.


THAT is Booked Up Blueprint: the step-by-step program for health + wellness practitioners ready to build a thriving, fully booked practice without wasting time or money to guess, test, and figure it out on their own.


I have cracked the formula for getting fully booked (literally - I have a mathematical formula that will show how YOU can be fully booked this year) and I am handing it over to YOU including all the strategy, coaching and done-for-you resources needed to build your practice.


Because you shouldn’t have to wait the 3, 5, 10 years “they” say it takes or burn yourself out on marketing just to do what you were meant to do in this world.

Hear Success Stories from

past students...

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"I am now experiencing what success feels like for me.


I've already exceeded my annual 2020 income by August 2021 and keep hitting my financial and professional goals. I have more bookings each week/month and my retention has almost doubled. I feel like I am living the balanced life I dreamed of."

Dr. Kim Nguyen former Matheson + Co. student


"My practice was doing okay but it was not consistent and it was causing me a lot of stress. I knew I needed to do more but was unsure what the next steps would be. 

Booked Up Blueprint is amazing.

I ended the year my busiest yet without a complete overhaul. Thank you Kate!."

Dr. Tannille Moore former Matheson + Co. student


“I joined Booked Up Blueprint after colleagues gave raving reviews. Kate and Booked Up Blueprint helped me completely transform my practice into something that feels authentic to me and I’m seeing the consistency in my schedule I was searching for.

Most of all, Kate has become that “trusted friend” I go to when I need an honest and experienced opinion.” 

Dr. Sarah Vosburgh former Matheson + Co. Student

1:1 Mini Fixes

 Think of these small 1:1 packages like targeted treatments for one specific area of your practice. These are for the practitioner who is doing pretty well but knows that there’s one piece that can be improved to take their practice to the next level

1:1 Mini Fixes

Retention Fix

This Mini-Fix is for the practitioner who:

  • Is bringing in new patients/clients but never seems to be earning more money or getting further ahead.

  • Knows retention is an issue but just can’t figure out how to fix it

  • Has trouble re-booking people or gets a lot of objections when they suggest re-booking

  • Wants to build a sense of community and loyalty in their practice for more referrals and general longevity.

Kate Matheson business education coaching services for health and wellness professionals

Messaging Fix

This Mini-Fix is for the practitioner who:

  • Can’t find the right words to share who they are, what they do and why they’re awesome (writers block is no joke, friend)

  • Is not seeing their marketing efforts actually convert to leads or clients (that’s a messaging problem) or feels like what they’re saying just isn’t landing.

  • Is in a competitive area and wants to stand out as an easy-yes option for your ideal clients

  • Feels like their website copy or message is a little generic [FYI: if you’re saying things like “I’m an evidence-based practitioner offering individualized care to get to the root cause and optimize your wellness mind, body and soul” that’s generic and we can totally do better!]

Woman Typing a message to her followers

New Practice Accelerator

This Mini-Fix is for the practitioner who:

  • Is opening their first (or next) practice and wants to make sure they start off on the right track

  • Feels like their head is spinning with ideas and the mile long task list of “to-do’s” before they open

  • Wants their new practice to start with momentum, bookings and the right systems in place to move towards fully booked faster

Kate Matheson new practice accelerator for new health and wellness professionals

Done For You Resources

My favourite plug n’ play templates and mini-courses to take the guesswork out of marketing  +  save you a ton of time on emails, social media and more! 

Because really...who doesn't love a good template!

Matheson + Co. perfect post formula

Perfect Post Formula

Want to make social media posts easier to write? I've created mix and match prompts to create endless high-quality posts in minutes

kate mateson master planning workshop workshop

The Masterplanning Workshop

My signature yearly planning method to take those big goals from ideas (that never get done) to actionable plans that actually bring your dream-worthy visions to life.

The Messaging Lab Mockup.png

The Messaging Lab

Craft magnetic brand messaging that gets you seen, known, and BOOKED (even if you don't feel like a "good writer"). Get proven templates, prompts, and insider secrets to capture YOUR authentic voice.

The Email Vault Mockup.png

The Email Vault

90+ of my best time-saving money-making done-for-you email templates to help you manage, market and grow your health + wellness practice without ever writing an email from scratch again.

SAVE YOUR SOCIAL Mobile(400 × 400 px) (800 × 800 px) (6).png

Save Your Social

Your go-to social media toolkit. Packed with hundreds of DFY templates, bite-sized trainings and tutorials to up-level your social game without spending the time or money to go through a long course

dfy resources

Who I Work With:

Who I Work With Gif
Kate Matheson business education coach for health and wellness practitioner

Not sure what you need?


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  • What types of practitioners do you work with?
    I work with anyone who considers themselves a practitioner, therapist or healer of some kind including: Clinic owners ​Associates Solo Practitioners  Chiropractors ​Naturopaths ​Massage Therapists + Bodyworkers ​Acupuncturists + TCM Practitioners ​Reiki Practitioners + Energy Workers ​Physiotherapists ​Osteopaths ​Homeopaths + Herbalists ​Functional Doctors ​Holistic Nutritionists ​Athletic Therapists ​Therapists + Social Workers Registered Nurses If you consider yourself more of a "coach" where you can't diagnose, prescribe and/or treat feel free to book a strategy session where we can chat about whether or not we're a good fit to work together. There may be other coaches I can recommend who are better suited to health coaches etc.
  • What if I'm an associate in a clinic?
    I work with lots of associates inside Booked Up Blueprint! Even as an associate in a clinic you are still self employed. And I believe if you are responsible for earning your own income (ie: no salary) than prioritizing your business and it's long term sustanability is priority. You also have pretty much all the same options/resources at your disposal for marketing your practice as a clinic owner would so there's no reason not to!
  • What if I haven't started my business yet?
    That (in my opinion) is the BEST time to start learning the business side of your practice and putting strong foundations in place. You're going to have to get your brand presence, marketing and back-end systems set-up might as well do it right the first time around! Timing wise, I generally suggest working together at least 3-6 months before you plan to open so you have time to put the pieces in place to open with momentum.
  • Do you offer 1-on-1 Coaching?
    As of 2022 I am not taking on any new long term 1:1 coaching clients however we can work together 1:1 for specific goals with Mini-fixes. Whether you want help with your message, retention or opening your new practice, you can have my undivided attention and expertise in these bite sized packages!
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