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I'm Kate Matheson

Hey there!

I'm the leader of this crazy train I call Matheson & Co. I work with Health + Wellness Practitioners who are ready to build a killer practice AND life for themselves... on their own terms and without sacrificing their quality of care or their sanity.

Transforming yourself into a thriving, booked-up-with-a-waitlist kind of practitioner (making the money you deserve) doesn't have to mean scamming your patients, waiting patiently or grinding it out ‘til you’re burning out.

In fact, I have dedicated myself to making sure that isn't the case.

Kate Matheson business education coach for health professionals
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I’ve taken my decade-plus of business experience and education and turned it into real-world support so you can expedite the learning process and go from struggling to fill a full day to booking up with a waitlist in a way that’s productive, genuine, and years faster than the average.

My goal is to help you put the right pieces in place NOW that turn your practice into a self-sustaining machine so you can focus on what you do best: help people.


Not Your Average

My approach is probably a bit different than what you’ve seen elsewhere online.


Getting (and staying) fully booked is NOT about discount schemes, flashy marketing, waiting patiently, or pressuring people to work with you. 

It’s about doing the RIGHT things ...less of them, and better.

The work isn’t hard.
It’s smart.

→ Putting real business foundations in place - the stuff you never learned in school and can't see from scrolling websites or IG feeds

 Positioning yourself as a stand-out-easy-yes option for your people – no expert status required

 Leveraging smart behind-the-scenes strategies that actually lead to consistent, high-quality bookings

 And doing it in a way that requires less of your time as you grow


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My         Approach

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My Story

So you want to know how I got here? To this wild and wonderful place where I help health + wellness practitioners grow their businesses?


Well…​​I could say it’s because I totally nerd out over business. That IS true. I grew up in an entrepreneurial family talking budgets and business plans over dinner. I studied Finance and Small Business Strategy at McGill University and have built 6 of my own businesses over the past decade (including the last 2 that grew to 6-figure levels in a matter of months). 


I could say I do it because I also own a sports therapy clinic with my chiropractor husband that we fully booked in just 4.5 months and I want others to experience the same (also true).


I could even say it’s because I’ve been in your shoes.  Yes, I’ve seen success, made great money, built teams, and won awards. but I’ve also burned out, made tons of mistakes, struggled financially, felt totally overwhelmed, and have picked myself up from many a bathroom floor meltdown.  That’s life as a business owner and I wouldn’t trade it for anything because it allows me to teach from a VERY deep level of experience and also live a life that lights me up. I want that for EVERYONE who wants that too.


But the REAL reason I love helping health + wellness practitioners grow their practices is that I know the value of what you do and the power you have to change lives. You’ve changed mine. I’ve had an autoimmune disease for 18 years that I’ve managed almost exclusively naturally. It would never be possible without the hundreds of practitioners I’ve seen (yes hundreds) – from highly regulated to super spiritual to wildly experimental.

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I KNOW what your clients and patients need because I AM them. And I KNOW you deserve more than barely scraping by or working yourself to the bone. You deserve to thrive and feel confident about the amazing life-changing work you’re doing.

In 2017 when I saw that my husband hadn’t learned anything about business in school, many of my friends in the industry were struggling and my massage therapist told me I was her only massage that week (at $100!) I knew I had to start sharing my decade of experience and years of business education to support an industry that has given me so much.

I believe it’s time to raise the standard of business education for health + wellness professionals. And not in a slimey, flashy used  car -salesman kinda way. In a smart, strategic, and genuine way.


So you can spend a little time focusing on the RIGHT things that will help you get busier each month, compounding until you’re starting waitlists (instead of feeling stuck on the marketing hamster wheel for years) 


If that sounds like what you've been looking for - I'd love to work together! 

Kate Matheson business coach for health and wellness professionals

Not sure what you need?


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