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Know Your Numbers: How to Set + HIT Your Income Goals

I want you to be one of those practitioners who is on their shit. The ones who say “I saw my client base increase by 54% and my income has nearly doubled all while spending 36% less on my marketing”.

These are the practitioners who not only know where they’re currently at in their practice but also where they want to go.

They’ve got goals. They’ve got dreams. And they’re crushing every single one of them.

I regularly hear from clients how this year is going to be the best one yet. It’s going to be the year I get booked up. The year I finally get my student loans paid off!

I love that!

I then proceed to say, “Amazing! What are you going to do differently from previous years to make that happen?”

Silence. More silence.

The reality is, most of us think that if we just want something MORE then it’ll happen. Because “last year was my first year so I was just getting started” or “I didn’t have my website up and running” or “I had baby last year so I wasn’t working full time”.

I hate being the wake up call but… these are all just excuses. And unless you change what you were doing last year, you’re going to wind up making the same mistakes or having the same less than stellar year as the one before.

This isn’t just you. This inability to get results or reach your goal is widespread.

In fact, 92% of people fail to reach personal and professional goals that they have set for themselves.

When there is already such a high failure rate in the health and wellness world (80% after only 18 months) you cannot afford to not be taking your goal setting 100% seriously.

Let’s talk about what is keeping you (and most people in the whole world) from reaching your income and practice goals.

I’ll just come right out and say it: IT’S FOLLOW THROUGH.

The majority of people simply do not do what they say they are going to do. Most don’t even really clarify what it is they’re actually working towards. They have no set, concrete, measurable goal and definitely no specific plan to make these goals a reality.

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

I think so but then time and time again I see practitioners making the same vague income goals, laying out the same exact plan as last year (but this year with more *gusto*), starting out the year with hunger in their eyes but then just hoping (rather than acting) for different results?

I literally could not stand by any longer and watch this craziness.

So what are we going to do about it?

I am going to give you everything you need to make your goals a reality this year.

Today I am focusing here on your income goal because your income is an excellent indicator of your practice’s overall health.  So many other aspects of your practice stem from how much money you’re making: how many people you’re seeing, your pricing, your growth rate (or decline), your impact etc etc.

ALSO, income goal setting tends to be the most technical (aka math) so I like to break it down for you exactly.  But know that this method can be applied to all other types of goals.

You know I would never give you the basics without actually taking you through exactly what my method entails or how to implement it in your own life (c’mon now!)

So here we go!

How to set an income goal and actually crush it this year:


1.       Download my handy dandy goal setting worksheet here and watch the free growth plan workshop here.

2.       Print it off and actually put pen to paper. You must write down your goals. This is shown to be WAY more effective (as in 80% more effective) than just dreaming them up. Think of it this way: you can skip this and have the potential for industry standard 80% failure rate OR print the sheet and be 80% MORE LIKELY to reach your income goal this year.

We are about to get into a little math but stay with me here. It’s not hard and is SO important to creating a measurable goal.

3.       Determine your income goals: This first step is easy…simply think: how much money do you want to make this year? Write this down in the top section of your worksheet under “annual income goal”

4.       Divide this by 4 to see what you want to be making per quarter (every 3 months) Write this down in the top section of your worksheet under “quarterly income goal”

5.       Find the  $ per day you need to earn = annual income goal / (# weeks you work in a year * # days you work in the week). 

     Write this down in the top section of your worksheet “daily income goal”

6.       Find your patient/client goal

Determine the number of People per day = $ per day / avg cost of session (%$1 + %$2 + %$3) — [let’s say looking back at  your previous year or even few months in 1 month you do 20% new intakes at $150 (.2×150) and then 60% follow-up sessions at $100 (.6×100) and then 20% special treatments at $90 (0.2×90)….add those up to find the avg value of your service. In this example it would be $108]. Write this in your worksheet under “# of daily bookings”

7.       Now find your client/patient’s average value = last year’s income/number of unique people you saw 

     This is not number of appointments but number of unique clients or patients you had come through last year.

      For this you need previous year’s data. Without it you can make an estimate. This gives you a sense of how much each person is worth to you (this is an excellent number to know when looking at marketing dollars and where to spend them). This is different than the number of people simply per day because you see people (hopefully) multiple times.

# unique patients you need this year= annual income goal/last year’s avg patient value This is how many unique people you need to see this year. 

Divide this by 4 – WRITE THIS DOWN in the “Number of unique people per quarter”

Exhale. The math is done! You have now determined how much you want to make this year and what that looks like on a quarterly and daily basis. This has also shown you on average how many appointments you need to be booking in a day and how many unique people you need in a quarter (or year if  you multiply by 4).

Now look at these figures…is your income goal realistic? Is it scary? Totally doable and on track?


8.       For these next steps (and going forward), I like to focus on ONE of the “person” goals either # bookings per day or number of unique patients – whichever one resonates with you and feels like a tangible amount you can understand.

Then pair a corresponding income goal with it: daily bookings would be daily income.

If you prefer to look at total unique new patients in a quarter vs your quarterly income that’s great too. Circle or underline your focus. That is your focus and reference point all year. This is how you will measure and track your progress.

9.       Now, working on the quarter’s section of this sheet, fill in what you need to get in each quarter for both income and people so it total’s your annual goal. You can divide each quarter evenly or, if you’re growing rapidly or you think certain times of the year will be busier for you, you can adjust the quarters accordingly. Just make sure they add up to that annual number.

You basically want to know that for every 3 months I need to see X people per day (or find X new patients each month) to make Y dollars. Do this and you will achieve that annual goal!

BUT  how are you going to achieve that? We’re going to make these goals actionable.

10.   Next to each quarter I want you to think of 1 main theme for each quarter and then 4 projects or action steps that will help you in that quarter OR that you can implement in that quarter and will help all year.

Some ideas for themes and associated action steps:

–          Increase walk-in traffic/bookings

o    Research local advertising options

o   Create a walk-in promotion

–          Double my referrals

o   Ask every client for a referral

o   Connect with all my past patients and clients at least once

–          Introduce an new valuable add-on service

o   Research and decide what my patients need most

o   Create or buy the necessary tools/materials for the add-on

–          Reduce missed appointments and cancellations

o   Research automated message softwares

o   Choose and implement automated messaging and reminders

–          Find more NEW patients and clients

o   Determine who I want to work with and where they hang out

o   Do some valuable workshops to generate leads


11.   Post this worksheet somewhere in your office and actually do it!!!!

12.   Print out the quarterly tracker and post it next to your goal breakdown. Choose either version’s tab at the bottom of the excel sheet depending on whether you are tracking daily bookings or unique new patients. Fill it in as you go and after each quarter assess and evaluate how you did. You can then adjust your next quarter numbers up or down as you need.

You have now successfully planned your entire year in under 30 minutes while also getting the exact blueprint you need to ACTUALLY crush your income goal!

 Don’t let this year slip away. Don’t let this year be another year of overwhelm and underwhelm. You have everything you need in these worksheets to hit your goals.

 If you know that follow through is going to be your downfall (because it is for most people). If you know you need a little motivation, accountability and the occasional pep talk (ie: butt kick) jump onto our facebook page and let me know that’s what you need. I promise that if you put in the work, I and all your fellow practitioners will hold you accountable and make sure you stay on track so that THIS IS THE YEAR YOU ACTUALLY MAKE YOUR INCOME GOALS A REALITY!

how to actually hit your income goal




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