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Your Current Snapshot: The Secret Step to Planning an Epic 2020

December is one of my favourite times of year (after Summer because really how can you beat the Summer?!). It’s a time when I go deep into my flow state reflecting, visioning and planning for next year. I’ve always loved planning but this deep seated love got stronger when I really mastered the planning process 5 years ago.

Because now I KNOW when I create a plan, not only is it inspired and totally motivating (I am basically chomping at the bit to get started), it’s actionable and actually ACHIEVABLE in a way that won’t totally burn me out.

But today isn’t about my planning process. If you want to learn that you can join me for my Masterplanning Workshop Here. No today is about the secret step that pretty much no one does…pre-planning. And more specifically taking a Current Snapshot of where you are right now so when you go to make a plan for the future it’s strategic based on what’s working and what’s not.

This eliminates that “spinning your wheels” feeling you get when you’re working on the wrong things or aren’t super clear on WHAT to be working on. Spending 30 minutes to take Your Current Snapshot will help you get super clear.

I walked through what my Current Snapshot “pre-planning” looks like in the short video below and if you’re super keen you can follow along in the workbook I’ll send you when you register for the free Master Planning Workshop.

Once you do this it’s easier to know HOW you can actually reach your BIG 2020 goals and where to be spending your time.

Now you’re ready to get planning. Come join me for the free Masterplanning Workshop next week and together we’ll go through my signature system for breaking down your amazing vision for 2020 into manageable daily actions so you actually get it done…and way more!





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