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Why 2019 is Your Year – Top Trends for Health + Wellness Practitioners

The last few years have seen radical shifts in industry trends and policy changes that are totally changing both patient and practitioner behaviors (in a GREAT way). These shifts are creating some pretty stellar opportunities for you as a health and wellness practitioner to see growth and success in 2019.

I want to break down some of the external factors at play this year because 2019 is a prime time for you as long as you understand the shifts and take advantage of them (which is why I’m laying it all out for ya). Those who do will see their practices explode.

Those who continue to emulate what their senior mentors have been doing for years without adapting are going to find themselves behind the times, struggling to catch up and see the progress they want.

So – what are the main factors at play?

1.    Growth in the health + wellness industry

2.    Shifts in consumer/patient behavior

3.    Advances in marketing + technology

Let me break each of ‘em down:


·         The global health + wellness market is now nearly FOUR TIMES larger than the worldwide pharmaceutical industry and is growing nearly TWICE as fast as the entire global economy

·         Sectors seeing the most growth since 2010 are: Healthy eating, nutrition and weight loss 108% increase, preventative and personalized health 78% and complementary and alternative medicine 65%

·         52% of people are obese and 76% of working aged people are struggling or suffering in their physical wellbeing and 38% feel excessive levels of stress

·         Governments worldwide are beginning to invest in preventative health and wellness to reduce the financial strain on the conventional healthcare system

·         Companies are also seeing the benefits of introducing wellness programs as well as comprehensive health insurance (to include alternative medicine) to employees

Bottom line: We are experiencing a major crisis in many areas of personal health. At the same time, more people than ever are becoming knowledgeable about the idea of holistic wellness and are looking to alternative and complementary medicine vs conventional medicine for support



·         Millennials will soon outnumber baby boomers as the largest population segment and are leading the demand of the preventative care and holistic wellness mindset vs. the traditional disease and symptom management

·         The rise of the empowered, knowledgeable consumer is shifting demand for value, quality and results in healthcare

·         75% of consumers are seeking a partnership with their practitioners to get a personalized healthcare experience, including digital support outside of face-to-face interactions

·         Another top priority is convenience- based care. Consumers wants access when, where and how it suits them

·         Nearly 50% of consumers want to have a meaningful and authentic personal relationship with their practitioners

Bottom Line: Consumers (and particularly millennials)  are leading the demand that is driving the growth of the health + wellness industry but their needs are shifting. Consumers are expecting high levels of value, support, convenience and authenticity both IN clinic and out. They are open to using technology to allow them greater access to healthcare information and support.



·         Email marketing is now a more effective marketing strategy than social media marketing for driving bookings

·         Content marketing (via social media) costs about 62% less than traditional print advertising and generates 3x more leads

·         Video is quickly becoming the most consumed form of content online (around 80%)

·         22% of millennials made a large purchase after seeing an online influencer endorse it

·         Engaging audiences with authentic, meaningful content across multiple touch points, live and digitally is essential to brand success.

·         Practitioners who are using automation tools are saving on average 15 hours per week

·         Online portals and telemedicine have increased in popularity nearly 690% in just the past few years and are about to become a mainstream form of medical care.

Bottom Line: The top marketing tools and techniques (email, social media and influencer marketing) are free or inexpensive options that are accessible no matter your business’s size. This is ideal for small and solo practitioners. The key to seeing benefits from these tools is delivering authentic, meaningful content specific to your consumer.

Technology in the form of systems, automation and communication portals are changing the way practitioners work with their patients/clients and how effectively they run their businesses. 


·         Authenticity

·         Results

·         Prevention

·         Anti-aging

·         Mental wellness

·         Coaching

·         Workplace wellness

I personally don’t think there has been a better year to explode your practice as a health + wellness practitioner than 2019.

I want to show you exactly how to leverage these trends and incorporate them into your practice so I’m hosting a free online workshop on January 17 where I’m sharing the 5 best strategies to build a fully booked practice this year ( based on these trends above). These are effective strategies you can easily implement even as a solo-practitioner.

Hope to see ya there!




I'm Kate Matheson

Clinic owner and business coach helping you build a thriving, fully booked health + wellness practice without burning out.

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