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What’s Your Authentic Marketing Personality?

Feel like you need to get yourself out there so you can fill your schedule and ultimately grow your practice? You’re right, you do.

If you’re trying to grow your practice right now, there’s a few basic things that need to happen:

1)      You need to meet new people. If you need more new patients and more bookings, you need to come into contact somehow with new people.

2)      You need to connect with those new people. The best way to truly connect with someone is by being yourself.

Makes sense, right?

But do you also feel like it just seems UNNATURAL to put yourself out there by posting non-stop selfies….and you can never come up with the clever one liners everyone else does online?

I get it. This resource is perfect for you.

Because the truth is, those 2 elements above are going to look different for everyone. Yes, it seems like everyone is “getting themselves out there” the same way (social media) but there are SO many ways…and even many different options for approaching your social media.

The practitioners who find success in their marketing are the ones who have discovered how to meet people and connect with them in a way that suits their personality. That’s when it’ll feel easy and enjoyable (so you’ll stay consistent with it) and it’ll appear natural to potential patients.

How do you do that?

1)      FIRST: take a few minutes to think about who you are. I know that may sound weird especially if you have a solid sense of self but I encourage you to actually take pen to paper and jot down a few words to describe 1) your personality, 2) who you are as a practitioner (and how you want patients to perceive you), 3) what you stand for and 4) who you like to work with (and don’t). Even ask a friend or colleague how they would describe you in a few words. It’ll give you great insight into your “marketing personality” and how you want to show up for your patients and clients.

2)      NEXT: Take a look at the chart below and see where you fit in. I’ve broken down 5 common personality types of practitioners, some marketing mediums that make sense based on your personality type as well as some tips for how to use them to best suit you (and attract the type of people you want to work with). Here’s a link to the chart (might be easier to see if looking from your phone)

      Start (or stick) with some of these and you should find marketing yourself feels a little more natural and I dare say you might actually find it fun!

Wondering how to actually get booked from some of these options? I have a free online training that might really help. In Blank to Booked I show you the exact 5 step system for finding, connecting and converting people into happy patients and clients. You can register and find all the details here.

You can also check out a recent resource on 20 Marketing Ideas (that don’t involve social media) for more specific ideas for some of the marketing mediums mentioned here.

And if you have questions at any point, come say hi on Instagram or Facebook. I’m always happy to chat strategy!




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