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QUIZ: Why Your Business Isn’t Growing Like You Want

I do some of my best thinking on planes. And as I was stuffed in between sleeping Darcy and sleeping stranger on the flight back from Vietnam, I started thinking about you. Why some of you do so well while others really struggle. Why do some of you explode your practices, make killer money, see waitlists and days filled with cool, happy clients and others barely scrape by year after year never building enough momentum to have this passion become a lucrative, full-time career (if this is you, know you are truly not alone)?

Why? What are the reasons?

I started writing them. ALL the reasons why practitioners who are working so hard, are such skilled and incredible healers, are not seeing the success they want. Within a few minutes I had over 30 of the most common reasons I see every day.

And I’m telling you, whether you’re not growing as fast as you’d like (or at all), making the money you want or having the impact you desire, there IS a reason.

Which is totally normal.

Building a business is hard. It’s scary. We don’t have all the answers all the time and even when we do, it’s not always easy to take action.

These “reasons” are simply obstacles, roadblocks on this wild and crazy road to success. And the beauty of roadblocks is that they’re movable.

Once we get past them and clear our path…well honestly, there’s no stopping us.

The first step to clearing these roadblocks?  Knowing what they are.

So, I’m giving you that list I made. I turned it into a quiz you can do in about 3 minutes to see exactly where you might be getting held back from the business you want along with the next 3 steps to start moving past them.

Now, I have made it my mission and my job to help you build a thriving practice that’s everything you dreamed of and more. And part of that means helping you move past those obstacles standing in your way so help me help you 😉 

Let me know in the comments below or via email at what obstacles are holding you back. That way I can give you the support, education, tools – whatever to get you building momentum.




I'm Kate Matheson

Clinic owner and business coach helping you build a thriving, fully booked health + wellness practice without burning out.

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