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How to Plan + Launch a Holiday Promo in Your Wellness Business

If you’ve been considering doing some kind of holiday promo but weren’t sure exactly what or how to do it, this short training will walk you through the exact steps to plan and launch a killer promotion that’s simple and automated. This includes promotions in January (I still consider this “holiday season”).

Because NOW is the time to plan your promo so it doesn’t take you away from some well deserved holiday R&R a few weeks from now.

And if you weren’t planning to do anything over the holidays, watch this video and perhaps reconsider. This is an EXCELLENT time of year to give your clients some extra support while taking advantage of the seasonal buzz to boost bookings, get more people through the door and build some momentum for next year (win-win)!

Holiday promotions work amazingly well whether you’re slower in December, January and even if you’re busy all the way through (yay you!) and just want to have a final push before end of year.

These 7 steps can be SO easily tailored to your practice, your clients and your schedule to create a really simple, automated promotion that can be verrryyy lucrative.

If you have ANY questions or uncertainties about how to create your own holiday promo, comment below, send me a message on Instagram or book a free strategy call where we can map out your promo.




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