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4 Mindset Hacks To Trick Your Brain Into Success

The mind is a wonderful and amazing thing. It is also a liar and an excuse machine that frequently tries to get us to make decisions that keep us from reaching our full potential especially when things get uncomfortable.


The mind craves comfort and shies away from adaptation, change, pressure, challenge. It’s used to hanging out in its comfort zone so anytime we try to push it that extra little bit, our mind makes every effort to pull us back – including sabotaging our long term success and happiness.

This is the downfall for SO many healthpreneurs because you have to rely on your mind and your own self motivation, confidence and drive to keep you going on your path to success.

I’ve personally had to learn to watch these Big Little Lies (sorry, I just finished the season and am obsessed) from creeping in so that I could have the success and positive results I’ve had in my life: my healthy and somewhat strict diet, my businesses, mindfulness practice, less procrastination, more productivity, sleep…etc.

For a long time, before I knew better, I had many fails because that “failure” mindset would get the better of me and I’d overthink, rethink, get discouraged, scared and then just stop.

That’s exactly what our mind wants. That is not necessarily what is right or best for us.

If I hadn’t learned 1) how my mind works and 2) how to combat them I would never have achieved the success I have (and am still working towards) in all corners of my life.

I work at what I call a “success mindset” daily. If I don’t, the fear of failure will creep back in and I don’t have time for that. It is distracting and goes against every ultra efficient bone in my body.

This success mindset, on the other hand, is unstoppable. It’s motivating, and inspiring and literally gets me buzzing with excitement from the inside. It gives me the power and confidence I need and now kind of crave. It’s a feeling of accomplishment that entrepreneurs and self-starters need to make progress. Because no one else is going to do this for you.

You want it now too, don’t you? Of course you do.

It is amazing and is SO necessary in reaching your goals. I can give you every plan, strategy, script and workbook to bring you success but if you do not have the mindset you need to take continuous action with those tools, it is going to be an uphill battle the whole way to your finish line.

So how do you get this “success mindset’?

First, you need to understand a few principles of the brain so the rest of this makes sense:

1) Our mind doesn’t know truth from lie. It believes what we tell it, even quietly and subconsciously whether true or false.

2) Our mind does not hear “negatives” as in “I don’t want to have an empty schedule”. All it hears is EMPTY SCHEDULE.

3) It works in the present tense. If you tell it something as if it is actually happening now your brain will believe it is so (because see #1). So instead of saying “I don’t want to have an empty schedule” you can say “I am booked solid.”

Now we need to use this knowledge to outsmart and outwit our own brain into cultivating success.

It’s easier than you think with these 4 hacks:

1)      Clear your Mind: Our brain can store SO much information and has a ton of power. So much so that sometimes (ok much of the time) it can take over our thoughts, which in turn control our opinions, emotions and actions. In order to gain conscious control of our mind we need to make a little bit of space so something new can enter

Action: Make a regular practice of quieting and clearing the mind. That can be a full meditation practice or something as simple as sitting quietly and taking a few deep, full, concious breaths while you let go of the internal chatter. I often do this in my car before I get out. It’s a brief pause that let’s you regain power.

2)      Make it Audio, Visual & Kinesthetic: See it, say it and really feel it. Our mind understands things in a variety of ways. Some of us have minds that are stronger in one aspect but combined it creates an unstoppable image of success

Action: Take some time, an hour or so and visualize your perfect, ideal day right now (as it relates to your big goal, your practice, your overall success). I like to start with how I wake up in the morning, my morning routine and go through my day. Really see it in your mind.

Next, write down that sequence, that day in present tense as if it happens all the time. You can write it as a story or a series of point forms. Whichever makes more sense to you.

Finally, say it out loud and regularly. I try to do this myself once a day but it usually ends up being a few times a week. And I can tell you with FULL honesty that most of what I wrote about in my “ideal, perfect” day has come true.

The mind believes what we tell it.

3) Just do Something: Sometimes we get so frozen into thinking we can’t, or rethinking, questioning and worrying that it keeps us from taking a single step forward. The opposite is also true: one action, however small,  immediately leads to another and helps build momentum in the right direction.

Action:  Get off your butt and do ONE SMALL THING towards whatever you’re working towards and you’ll get yourself out of that “can’t do” haze almost automatically.

4) Embody It: The mind body connection (as you as practitioners surely know) is a very real thing. Your mind reflects your body by responding to levels of tension, posture, speed of movement and speech. The body also mimics your mind’s thoughts, feelings and moods. One has a direct affect on the other meaning if we can take control and adjust our body we can influence our mind. I find that sometimes this is all it takes to snap me back into my success mindset.

Action: This little exercise is instant and dramatic. Stand up straight with your feet firmly rooted into the ground. Raise your arms into a V shape above your head. Raise your head up slightly, pull your chest forward and smile. This is a power pose. Take a few breaths here and tell me you don’t feel more powerful and confident.

Doing these exercises consistently is more important than any marketing plan or social media strategy. They will combat your mind’s lies and excuses and will trick that brain right into success…in a big way!

A final note: Know that even with the biggest, baddest, bestest success mindset, there is still struggle, especially when YOU are responsible for your own success.

If you feel like you need a little pick-me-up to bounce you back into being amped up and excited about your practice, jump on over to my Facebook page. We are here to keep you on track and give you to habits and pep-talks you need to make your goals your reality. Find me and your fellow practitioners here.




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