For All Health + Wellness Practitioners

Financial freedom. Massive impact. A waitlist of dream clients.
Fulfullment. Expert Status.

These are the opportunities you have right now.

My goal is to get you there.

Your clients and patients come to you for answers and results.
That’s EXACTLY what I do too. Except, instead of the human body,
my domain is your practice.

Hi I'm Kate!

I’m Kate Matheson – the fast talking, type-A, (recovering) perfectionist at the helm of Matheson & Co. I’m a life-long entrepreneur and business maven turned teacher, consultant, ultimate butt-kicking motivator and Certified Professional Coach.

I’m here to help you skip the learning curve (and inevitable mistakes) that comes with building a successful health and wellness practice and fast track your success so you can build a killer career and life for yourself using proven business strategies and systems.

My goal is for you to work SMARTER on the things you need to do (like marketing, lead generation and patient retention) so you have more time to spend on the things you want to do (like working 1-on-1) while ALSO getting booked solid months in advance with patients and clients you love!


for health + wellness professionALS

Get visible with valuable content…without the struggle.

If you want a simple process for creating consistent content that grows your practice, grab your free content planner. This step-by-step workbook will help you

  1. Map out a YEAR’s worth of content ideas in 1 hour that position you as an authority so you can stop staring at a blank screen or scrolling for “inspiration”

  2. Create a weekly and monthly content plan that feels strategic, inspired and totally manageable. 

  3. Watch the thing you always want to procrastinate become the easiest thing on your to-do list