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Kate Matheson business education coach for health and wellness practitioners

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Business Education
for Health + Wellness Practitioners

Because building a thriving, fully booked practice shouldn't have to mean waiting years, sacrificing your quality of care or burning out on marketing.

Chiropractors, naturopaths, massage therapists, acupuncturists, practitioners + healers...

A consistently full schedule and reliable income. Changing people’s lives. Fulfillment, balance and a waitlist of dream clients. 


These are the opportunities available to you right now.


You CAN build a thriving practice in a way that is genuine, smart, simple and most of all doesn’t take the 3, 5, 10 years “they” say it does (I see it every day).


BUT if you didn’t learn the “business side” in school, and are feeling like a deer in headlights trying to navigate it alone, or are just passively waiting to grow (because word of mouth will fill your schedule, right?) then I get that it can feel like “how the heck am I supposed to make these dreams a reality”?


Whether you've been practicing a few years and just haven't seen the growth and consistency you’re after or you’re just starting out (good on you for being proactive)  - you my friend have landed yourself in the exact right place because helping practitioners build genuine fully booked practices is exactly what I do everyday.

Booked out schedule for health and wellness coaches

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My         Approach

What do you need?


Kate Matheson business education coach for wellness professionals

Not sure what you need?


Kate Matheson business education coach for health practitioner

Hi, I'm Kate!

I’m a business coach for health + wellness practitioners, clinic owner, yoga teacher and longtime entrepreneur.


In the past decade, I’ve built 6 businesses working with hundreds of clients, thousands of customers and health + wellness practitioners of every kind to double my income nearly every year for 6 years.


I’m here to help you skip the learning curve (and inevitable mistakes) that comes with building a successful health and wellness practice so you can go from struggling to fill a full day to booking up with a waitlist in a way that’s productive, and genuine rather than non-stop hustling with pushy sales tactics 🤢 

As your classic recovering perfectionist, I've realized no one is handing out prizes for who does the MOST to grow a business. Doing more usually leaves you burnt out and no further ahead. That's why I focus on high-impact, streamlined systems in my own businesses and teach the same so you can work SMARTER on the things you need to do (like marketing, lead generation and retention) and have more time to spend on the things you want to do (like helping others).

Let's do less, make more and have more fun doing it!

I can't wait to work with you!

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My Favourite       Resources

to grow your practice with more ease



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our own clinic


A Behind-the-Scenes Look:
How We Fully Booked Our
Practice in 4.5 Months

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Planning Process

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Plan Exactly How You'll Hit Your Income Goal

+ Fill Your Schedule

Booked Up Blueprint is the jumpstart and framework I needed to realize the full potential I had been searching for after taking the HUGE step to sole proprietorship. By joining BUB I really pinpointed my new direction and with Kate’s coaching, we worked through some of the details I may not have found on my own.  I started off with 2-3 clients a week until I started focusing on the right things...this was 9 months ago. I'm now ecstatic to say that every week I'm seeing 4-5 clients a DAY and have to turn someone away at least once a week!”


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