The single switch that makes marketing yourself easier and more authentic

The Single Switch That Makes Marketing Yourself Easier + More Authentic

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This is a topic that comes up a lot when I’m talking to health and wellness practitioners. For so many of them (and maybe you too), they have a hard time marketing or “promoting” themselves because they’re conscious of not wanting to come across as salesy or cheesy. 

This is a topic I feel SO strongly about because we definitely DO NOT want to be pushy or salesy (ew) but you also don’t want to avoid marketing all together based on that fear.

Especially when there’s a way you can promote you and your services that’s:
✔️magnetizes people you want to work with 
✔️helps you build your practice faster
✔️builds your presence as a credible expert in your field 

I’m breaking down how in this short mini-training (and excuse the lighting situation – I was working out of a co-working space while spending the week in Vietnam)

And…because I feel SO strongly that not only is it possible to market yourself in an authentic, heart-centred way but I actually believe it to be the best way of attracting bookings, I’ve got another quick mini-training on it for ya!

If you have any questions about this – let’s chat!

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Kate Matheson

Kate Matheson

I’m Kate Matheson – Business + Marketing Coach for health and wellness professionals who are ready (or really needing) to learn the "business side" of their practice so they can finally feel confident in what they're doing, fill their schedules, and turn their passion into a thriving full-time career without sacrificing their quality of care or their sanity. Ready to get started?


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