Welcome to the Club.

I’m Kate Matheson – leader of this crazy train I call Matheson & Co. I work with Health + Wellness Practitioners who want to build a killer practice AND life for themselves … on their own terms and without sacrificing their quality of care or their sanity.

Transforming yourself into a busy, thriving, booked-up-with-a-waitlist kind of practitioner (making the money you deserve) doesn’t have to mean scamming your patients or spending every.waking.minute working your butt off.

In fact, I have dedicated myselt to making sure that isn’t the case.

My Booked Up Blueprint Program gives you the exact tools, scripts, systems and strategies to get you building an amazing Health + Wellness Practice where you can actually focus on what you do best: help people.

My skillset can help your skillset shine.

I’m guessing if you’re here you’re ready to take not only your Health + Wellness Practice to the next level, but also your life.

You’re all in when it comes to building a bad*ss practice where you’re consistently booked up with people you actually enjoy working with, are changing people’s lives and are un-apologetically making a shit-ton of money.

You seek financial freedom, adventure and that ever-elusive life balance.

But, let’s be honest, your current practice of wide open schedules and inconsistent clients is leaving you feeling: stressed, frustrated and a little discouraged

Whether you are just starting out and have never worked in the real world yet (good on you for being proactive) or you’ve been practicing for a few years and just haven’t seen the growth and consistency you want and deserve – I’ve got you!


  • You know you need to be doing some “business” to see your Health + Wellness Practice grow
  • You have a dream of what that practice can be like
  • You’re just not sure exactly how to go about it (ie: what to do, say, how, when)
  • You DO have the ability to make it happen for yourself

How Did I Get Here?

I’m an entrepreneur born into a family of entrepreneurs. Business plans and brainstorming was regular dinner talk (and still is). I learned from a young age that the root of business was being able to help people solve a problem.

I can’t imagine being anything but my own boss but (#spoilealert) it’s not always easy. Anytime you have to consistently gain new clients (pretty much every business) you’re essentially in sales.

Sales can be excruciatingly hard.

Trust me when I say, I know what it’s like to feel stressed out trying to figure out how you’ll get enough clients.

I’ve been there. Many times.

I spent years in a constant grind hustling to get each and every client. It made me successful but it also got to the point where my 80-hour work weeks had me completely burnt out (completely unnecessary even though society makes us think that being “so busy” is the only way to make it).

After one night spent crying on my bathroom floor from pure exhaustion (#sopitiful) I thought, there had to be a way to work smarter and not harder when it came to finding clients, making sales and growing my business long term.

I wanted the same success while actually having a life.

That’s when I hired my first Business Coach and really got down to business. I put systems into place, created an actual vision for my business and embraced my authentic style. I realized I had a knack for genuinely connecting with people and converting them into clients who would in turn refer me over and over and over.

It was then, my business changed. No, transformed.

I made more with less effort and worked with people I loved again and again. I was able to do the things I love: travel, cook, hike, do yoga, build relationships, find adventures … and A LOT of it.

Since then I have grown my business to multiple six figures doubling my income nearly every year for the past 6 years. I have saved myself TONS of time and stress and have grown my businesses beyond where I could have imagined while making it easier year after year.

I now live by the 80/20 rule: I focus on the 20% of actions that actually bring in 80% of the results. (ie: clients and patients).

I focus on what matters and forget the rest.

But, you may ask … how did I get into working with Health + Wellness Practitioners when I am not one myself?

Great question. My story did not end there.

Of course, being the go-getter entrepreneur I was, having 2 thriving businesses was not enough. I wanted another.

I have been a health conscious, alternative medicine devotee since before “gluten-free” was a trend. I’ve lived with auto-immune issues for nearly 15 years making me a regular in various Health + Wellness clinics.

So, it felt natural for me to dive into the wellness world with an online Meal Planning Service and Wellness Coaching for those new to gluten-free eating. It was great and fueled my passions but of course it eventually tipped the scales of my new-found work-life balance and threw me off once again. (when will I learn, I know)

One busy day my body said no. My decade old auto-immune disease I had worked so hard to keep in check was rearing its ugly head. My adrenals were shot, I lost 30 lbs and could barely walk upright from pain. It was a serious wake up call that landed me in the hospital.

I dove deeper into the Health + Wellness world scouring the deepest depths of the inter-web for the answers to heal myself and the practitioners who could help me solve MY problem.

I spent basically part-time work hours seeing osteopaths, naturopaths, massage therapists, holistic nutritionists, acupuncture and TCM, homeopaths and herbalists, integrative specialists of ever kind. It was A LOT of time and money but you all did heal me.

What I realized after all that (aside from the fact that you are all INCREDIBLE) was how hard it was to find the right practitioner to specifically help ME. Sometimes it was hard to even find practitioners. Most had general marketing, out of date websites or no website at all!

And despite the amazing results they could achieve, I saw many practitioners (including most of my closest family and friends) were struggling to get by and build the practice and life they had dreamed about. They too were in a constant grind, stressing about making enough money, finding enough clients and not knowing exactly how to change it.

Knowing their struggle all too well and seeing first hand the impact practitioners can have, I decided to pivot my entire career and start Matheson & Co.

Fast forward to today and I am so glad for the ups and downs that life, business and health bring. I am crazy passionate about helping people build businesses, build dreams and bring much needed health & wellness care to the people who need it.

Take it from me, if you’re feeling like it might be time to make a change in your practice…it is! You may not know exactly where to start but that’s why you’re here: I am going to help you not only figure it out but also MAKE IT HAPPEN!

I’m going to take you step-by-step through your journey, teaching, helping, guiding and keeping your butt in line. And together we’re going to take your Health + Wellness Practice from blank to booked. I can guaran-damn-tee-it.

How I Roll

  • Be real
  • Give to get
  • Work with people you enjoy
  • The 80/20 rule rules
  • Be obsessive about follow-through
  • Money IS important
  • Money IS NOT everything
  • Pursue your passion with passion
  • You are in control
  • Life is an adventure
  • Work to live
  • Live your damn dreams

Here's How We Can Work Together

1. Join me! Come connect with my community on Facebook for insider info I only share with my clan

2. Want to chat? Awesome! I offer free strategy sessions where we can see where you are now and map out a step by step plan to get you where you want to go. Book that here.